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Commentary on "Stewardship"



Day 2: Sunday, June 7, 2009

Today's lesson is titled "Talents" and covers the parable of the talents found in Matthew 25:14–30. Here Jesus tells of the man who gave his three servants different amounts of money. Each "according to his ability." Through "trading" two of the servants doubled their master's money, but the one who had recieved the least hid his master's money and did not even invest it for interest.



The automatic assumption is made that Jesus is teaching this parable to give a lesson on the use of talents or abilities. Since the parable is about money, maybe Jesus is really teaching something about money. Regardless, what the master gives to each of his servants belongs to the master and is not owned by the servants. Each servant traded the masters' money to increase wealth. The servants did not use any of the principle or gain for themselves—all was saved to be given back to the master when he returned. Not having an increase was grounds for being cast into "outer darkness."

All that we have been given belongs to our Master. We are to invest everything with the goal of gain only for Him. What we have is not for our use—it is all for Him.



  1. God gives to each person according to his/her abilities.
  2. What God gives belongs to Him. We are entrusted to use what God gives to create increased value.
  3. We are not given assets for our own use. We will be required to give all back to God with an increase.


Important Resouces

Be sure to watch this sermon: "Generous Living" by Gary Inrig. This is an excellent study on the Bible's teaching on giving. More of Gary's sermon's in the series "Dollars and Sense" are found here.






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