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First Quarter 2012 (January–March)
Commentary on "Glimpses of Our God"


Introduction by Jeremy Graham:
Does Seventh-day Adventism teach the Trinity?
  1. December 31–January 6 by Jeremy Graham
    Commentary on "The Triune God"
  2. January 7–13 by Colleen Tinker
    Commentary on "In the Beginning"
  3. January 14–20 by Ane Edwards and Patria Rector
    Commentary on "God as Redeemer"

  4. January 21–27 by Rick Barker
    Commentary on "The God of Grace and Judgment"
  5. January 28–February 3 by Martin L. Carey
    Commentary on "The Holiness of God"
  6. February 4–10 by Ben and Delina McPhaull
    Commentary on "God the Lawgiver"
  7. February 11–17 by Rick Barker
    Commentary on "Lord of the Sabbath"
  8. February 18–24 by Dana Kendall
    Commentary on "Creation Care"
  9. February 25–March 2 by Martin L. Carey
    Commentary on "The Bible and History"
  10. March 3–9 by Carel and Nicole Stevenson
    Commentary on "The Promise of Prayer"
  11. March 10–16 by Ben and Delina McPhaull
    Commentary on "God as Artist"
  12. March 17–23 by Steve Pitcher
    Commentary on "Love Stories"
  13. March 24–30 by Gabriel Proksch
    Commentary on "The Promise of His Return"


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