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Commentary on "Personal Evangelism and Witnessing"



Day 6: Thursday, May 10, 2012 - My Contribution to the Whole



Today’s lesson uses the example of reaping and sowing to make the point that while members may be sowing into the lives of others, the reaping they are seeking after may not happen until they bring these individuals to corporate evangelistic events. The author also states that the opposite may be true. The author encourages members to invite people to local church evangelizing activities and also to inform church leaders of any personal evangelizing efforts they are involved with so that their church can support them. The author asks if readers are aware of the programs their church has to “lead people to Jesus.” The study concludes with the author asking, “How can you be more involved in the sowing and reaping process in your church,” and “In what ways have you discovered that by working for the salvation of others, your own faith is strengthened?”



If a reader simply takes these lessons in small doses without looking at the greater context and objective of the organization it is easy to miss what the author is truly saying. The average Christian may read about the authors drive to lead people to Jesus but never know that the Jesus referred to is not the same as the Jesus of scripture. While some Adventists will argue that a different “interpretation of scripture” isn’t enough to call him a different Jesus, I would respond by saying that they clearly do not understand the foundation from which Adventism was born. The Adventist Jesus is not simply “interpreted differently” from scripture. Not by a long shot. He was born of the visions of Ellen G. White and scripture proves him to be a different Jesus— if in fact one is to believe that scripture is the inerrant word of God. The Adventist Jesus did not do all of the things scripture clearly teaches God the Son did, and the Adventist Jesus is currently doing things that God the Son is not doing. Seventh-day Adventists become quite upset when they hear others say they worship a different Jesus, but by their own message they alienate themselves from the body of Christ and are “leading people to Jesus” by calling Christians out of their churches and baptizing them into the Adventist religion.

When the Adventist message is taken to it’s full conclusion, then either the devout Adventist must stand up for what they believe and stop pretending to be the same as the rest of Christendom, or the true Christian must stand up for what they believe and walk away from the religion of their upbringing to stand up for the inerrant word of God confessing the truth of Jesus no matter the cost. Why do Adventists shout to the Evangelical world “we are the same!” only to lure Christians into special seminars and proclaim, “we are not the same as evangelical Christianity, we have 'truth’”? Adventists know that lukewarm doesn’t cut it. One must choose, and clearly, according to informed Christians and Seventh-day Adventists alike, our doctrines cannot co-exist. If they could, then Adventism has no special message at all.

One last point, Seventh-day Adventist evangelists and volunteers for the effort are not “working for the salvation of others”. Only Jesus Christ, the Son of God has done the work for the salvation of man. Do not let your leaders guilt you into pulling unsuspecting Christ following believers into their “present truth” by placing the burden of the “potential salvation” of another person on your shoulders. Please, put down your Sabbath School Adventist “bible” Study and read your Bible. I promise, with the leading of the Holy Spirit, you too will see that in fact it is…finished!



  1. Adventists tip their hand to the fact that they do not worship the same Jesus by setting up seminars to call Christians out of their church and baptizing them into their religion under the proclaimed effort to “lead people to Jesus”.
  2. The only One who works for the salvation of man is our Holy God.




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